Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Three month post jaw surgery update!

Today is my three month anniversary of my second jaw surgery. The last few months have flown by and now I am close to getting my braces off. If all goes well, my braces should be off by November. Yay! Can't believe how far I have come!

When I was researching jaw surgery online, I read a number of blogs of people who years later still had numbness in their chin / lips following jaw surgery. I've been fortunate that my numbness is gone after only three months and even though I feel a bit of stiffness in my chin, it's nothing that concerns me.

I think the one thing that I did not expect going through this process is how long it has taken for the space to close in my upper jaw following SARPE. I had my SARPE in June '10 and my orthodontist is STILL working on closing space. So crazy! I had visions of that gap and space being gone in a matter of weeks - oh, how wrong I was.

To spice things up, I've put together a video using my 7 mega pixel camera. Enjoy! ;)


  1. How is your progress? I think I have a fairly similar crossbite/underbite diagnosis and I am beginning the process to correct it in about a month and a half with the SARPE. I am super nervous about it (more nervous about the gap than the pain) but have gotten a lot of good info from your posts.

  2. Hi Kelly! Sorry for the delay!! I'm almost done with braces now. Brace date off is December 27th. I'm glad you've found the posts helpful. The wax really helps to cover it up. :) When is your SARPE scheduled?

  3. It’s my first time to visit your blog and I’m really glad to see this blog post of yours. Nice! It’s been one year, since you posted it. Haha! So how are you now, Heather? I saw your latest post, and I can see that the jaw surgery really went well, and you’re doing great this time. Well, I really hope so! Keep smiling! ;)

    Landon Heath

    1. Hi Landon! Thanks for visiting. :) Everything's going great - I'm now more than a year past my second surgery and am happy with my new smile. You can see pictures by clicking on 2012 in the blog archive (right hand navigation column).

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