Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Week 6 of braces!

Day 2-----------------------------2 1/2 weeks-----------------------5 weeks

The gap between my two front teeth is now at 1.59. Pretty crazy to think that less than two months ago I had a 11 mm gap between my two front teeth! Things have been coming along with the braces and it continues to encourage me to see how quickly my teeth have moved. On Monday, I'm having my teeth cleaned and I learned that I need to go to the orthodontist first to have the wires removed. So Monday, I'll have super clean teeth an no wires. On Tuesday morning, I'll get the wires back on and have my next adjustment. My understanding of the plan is that there will be powerchains on the next two teeth to bring them more towards the front two. It would be really nice to have all front teeth together. :)

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