Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day 6 - Hide the gap!

After have surgery just over 5 days ago, I decided to go to a party tonight. I still have a bunch of bruising on my cheeks, but it is pretty easily hidden with make-up. I also decided to hide the gap by sticking some dental wax between it. No one seemed to notice it and I didn't receive any comments until I explained to an acquaintance that I hadn't been able to get lunch this week because I had just had jaw surgery. He said, "Oh so that's the reason for the thing between your teeth?" I'm thinking camouflaging the gap is probably better than totally rocking it, but I guess we'll see. I thinking I'll use wax for work and see how it goes. From a distance it seems to make it a lot less noticeable.

So I turned the key by myself twice today. I wasn't sure if I did it correctly in the morning and had to go for an 8 AM run to Rite Aid to get a dental mirror. Between the full length mirror in my room, a headlamp and my new no-fog dental mirror I was able to see the key OK. I also watched a video on YouTube to help. I will try again tomorrow and hopefully I did it right today.

Above is a picture of me covering the bruises with make-up and the gap with dental wax. Not too bad, right?


  1. hey i have a question i need tips on covering up the gap with dental wax as i will most likely be having sarpe in a few months, and will have to go to school with a huge gap bcuz im only 16-thankkks

  2. Hi Ebby, below are some comments I shared with Christopher on covering the gap. Also, check out my July 3, 2010 post which discusses how to make the wax tooth colored. Let me know if you have further questions!!

    I would use two - three strands of wax and then rub it between my hands until it be came pliable. I would place enough wax between my teeth to cover that gap and then press it between my thumbs and forefingers. I would use my thumbs to secure the wax against my incisors as well as my expander. As my gap got towards 11mm, I had almost a whole retainer of wax. It covered the roof of my mouth up until the expander.