Tuesday, June 1, 2010

RPE fitting

This morning I went to the orthodontist to have my fitting for my RPE (rapid palatal expander). I will get this put in on Friday, June 18th in preparation for my SARPE (surgically assistaed rapid palatal expansion) on June 21st. After reading so many ortho blogs, I had a TON of questions for my orthodonist today! I learned that after I have SARPE, I will start turining 4-7 days afterwards. The oral surgeon will turn the key following surgery, but only to test the device. Once I start turning, I will turn 42 times at a rate of one turn per day. The goal is 10mm of expansion. Although I will get a gap in between my front teeth, the ortho said the 10mm would be the amount that the jaw would expand, not the space between the front teeth. Fingers crossed that I only get a baby gap!! After six weeks of turning, I will stop expanding for another six weeks and then get braces. So we're looking at the following:

June 18th - RPE in
June 21st - SARPE
June 25th (?) - begin expansions; 1 turn per day
August 6th (?) - stop turning
September 17th - braces on

I also asked the ortho about needing a "fake tooth" to be put in with my braces and he said that won't be necessary. Once I stop turning, the gap will start to close up and he will use a powerchain on the braces to pull the teeth together to get rid of the remaining gap.

Once I get closer to the surgery, I will take more pictures!!

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