Monday, June 28, 2010

Back at work and 11 turns of the key!

Last night I made mac 'n cheese and used my blender to grind it up. The blender didn't like that too much and started smoking. For future, I will grind up the noodles first before adding the velveta cheese. Apparently velveta cheese is like metal as far as my poor blender is concerned. It did seem to work OK this morning though it took a little longer than usually to blend up my banana.

Before work I went and saw my orthodontist. The oral surgeon told the orthodontist that he did 4 turns during surgery (two more than I thought he had done). So combined with the turns I did over the weekend and today, I am now at 11 turns. I didn't feel too confidant in my turns of the key until last night though. To make sure you're doing it correctly, the key has to be pushed into the device like a key into a lock. Once it clicks, you move the key towards the back of your throat until it can't go anymore.

After the orthodonist looked at my mouth, he thought we already had a lot of space so he just wants me to turn 13 more times. Yay! In a week's time I could be done with both expanding AND the liquid diet!! w00t w00t I have an appointment to see the ortho on July 6th and I will stop turning the morning of July 5th. The ortho assistant said I could skip turns if it was hurting, but I'm just going to press on. The sooner I start, the sooner I finish. I don't think the expanding hurts that much, it just feels like some pressure, but it's not painful.

The first day back at work wasn't too bad. It was busy, but no one seemed to notice my new appearance. I used the wax to cover the gap and I think that seemed to help. The ortho assistant at my doctor's office gave me a ton of wax and said that it was pretty common among the adults to cover up the gap that way. She said she had one patient that covered it up so well she couldn't even tell!

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