Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Updated pics!

Below are some of the initial before and after pictures. The before pics are about three weeks before my SARPE. The after pics are one year post-SARPE and 3 weeks post lower jaw surgery & genioplasty. Seriously, who is that person in those pictures from 5/30/10?

5/30/10 - Pre-SARPE & Lower jaw surgery

7/12/11 - 3 weeks post lower jaw surgery

5/30/10 - Pre-surgery




  1. Hi Heather, really happy to have found your website. It provided me so many tips, such as using dental wax to fill in the gap. Please update us on your progress.

    Just a question, my front tooth gap isn't as wide as yours but I am having trouble eating with it. It just starts to loosen and slide out and I'd have to use my fingers to put them in place, which isn't very sightly.

    Any tips on how to make them more secure? At the moment I am just filling the gap and not making a retainer mould like you did. Would a retainer mould be more secure?

    My gap resulted from the twin blocks that I am wearing, where like the palatal expander, I've had to turn the device once a week.

  2. Hi Despic!

    Thanks for your comments. As far as using the wax to hide the gap, it becomes lose if you eat with it. That's because it starts to break down. The only thing that seemed to work was eating light / non-chewy food with the wax in. Some foods that work well are mac 'n cheese, fish, applesauce and yogurt.

    The retainer thing is a bit more secure, but I only went that route since the gap was so large the wax wouldn't stay in otherwise.

  3. Thanks for your reply! By the way you look great in your photo now :D