Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Double jaw surgery update - braces almost off!!

Hello there! I have some very exciting news in jaw land. On Monday, my orthodontist told me that he will take off my braces in six weeks - December 27th. I couldn't be more excited!!

At my last appointment on Monday (11/14), my orthodontist did something called "disking" which is shaving some of the tooth enamel in between the bottom teeth. This is considered a finishing touch and the idea is to bring my bottom teeth back a bit. That way my teeth will fit together better overall.

I think all the space is finally closed - only took 16 months! In four weeks, I'll get my finishing wires and then two weeks later the braces will be gone.

I'll post pics for sure once the new smile is complete!


  1. Hi Heather

    Have you now completed your process? Your blog really helped me and I'd love to see the final results.

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