Saturday, June 11, 2011

Second pre-op & tour of gluttony

It's 10 days until jaw surgery # 2. It's hard to believe it's coming up so soon! My second (and last pre-op) appointment was on Thursday, June 9th. We reviewed the surgery plan and everything is still on schedule for the jaw surgery & genioplasty on the 21st. My surgeon's office is checking to see if my surgery can be moved up from 2 PM to 12 PM. I am hoping for that as it might be a bit torturous to wait around all day on the day of my surgery without being able to eat or drink.

Since I won't be able to chew for two months, I've been trying to get in as much good eating as I can. I am indulging my cravings for sweet crepes (nutella & banana) and plan to go to some of my favorite restaurants before I have surgery. On my list of must-haves are brick-oven pizza and sushi.

Monday is my last orthodontist appointment before surgery. The rest of my surgical hooks will be put on my braces. As usual, I'll plan for Indian food on Sunday night since I'll be getting my rubber bands changed on Monday. The turmeric in Indian food dyes all rubber bands a delightful yellow so I usually avoid Indian food unless I'm due to see the orthodontist.


  1. Hi Heather...your site is great and has provided me with some great tips already! Congrats on your progress! I just had SARPE on the 15th. I know this is going back in time for you, but was curious about how the size of the gap between your two front teeth relates to the amount they actually need to move the palate...Example, I need to expand my palate approx 5-8mm - does this mean the gap between the teeth will be the same size or could the gap be 15mm while the palate only moves 5mm? Kind of freaking out (just a little). You did an awesome job with that wax BTW!!

  2. Thanks Girl, I appreciate the kudos!! Also, congratulations on getting started with the process!

    When I had my SARPE, I was told that they were looking to expand my jaw by 10 MM and the space between my teeth ended up being about 11 MM after I finished expansion. I think the gap was only wider than 10 MM since my teeth swung out to opposite sides during the expansion. Once they straightened out (six weeks after I stopped expanding), the space between my front teeth was only a tooth size - 7 MM. If they're only looking for 5 - 8 MM of expansion you may luck out with a gap that is less than a tooth size which will be super easy to cover up with wax. Keep me posted on your progress! :)