Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Post-op visit & suggestions for swelling reduction!

I went and saw my oral surgeon yesterday for my follow-up visit. Good results:
  • Ugly neck bandaids came off and my stitches were removed
  • X-rays looked great - my jaw and chin are both now straight
I came into my surgeon's office with no make-up, glasses and my hair pulled back. He suggested that I wear a floppy hat, my hair down and collered shirts to cover the bruising. For now, I don't care too much, but if I still have bruising next week when I return to work, I will take his advice except for the floppy hat. I don't think one of those would fly in my office even in Southern California.

During the visit, my doctor told me that he ended up moving my chin forward 5 mm and that it should look smaller after the swelling goes down. My chin is currently the one area on my face that is numb although it is starting to tingle a bit as feeling comes back.

Following my last blog post, I had some questions on how to reduce swelling following surgery. Below is what I did:

1) Sleep upright: I have a wedge pillow that I sleep on that keeps my head elevated for the night
2) Ice:  I kept ice on my face continually during the first 24 hours
3) Ibuprofen: I take 600 milligrams two times per day
4) Arnica creme & tablets: I use this 4-5 times per day at the recommendation of my doctor
5) Walk: I get out for walks every day
6) Hydration: Drink plenty - water helps the lymphatic system

I will post pictures tomorrow including some profile shots.

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