Saturday, June 4, 2011

1st Jaw Surgery Pre-op appointment

Hello and happy June! I had my first pre-op appointment with my oral surgeon on the 1st. They took some models of my mouth to make sure my teeth fit together and gave me a run down of my upcoming surgery. Game plan is still the lower jaw surgery and genioplasty with the goals to bring the lower jaw back to remove the underbite & crossbite. Genioplasty will put my chin back in the right place.

So, here's what I found out:

1) I won't be able to chew for two months.
2) I will be banded for two months (rubber bands on my braces keeping my jaw in place), but will be able to open my mouth about 1.5 inchs so I can talk normally.
3) I can still workout, but just need to make sure I get plenty of calories (2200+). Very happy about this news - I love to rock climb & hike so sitting out for two months would not be fun.
4) I won't be wired shut at any point - yay for that!

After having my pre-op the reality of my surgery is starting to set in. I received a pamplet from my oral sugeon titled "reshaping your face". It's so crazy to think that I will have a completely new profile. I am excited, but also a bit nervous.

I am very grateful for my support network though!! Makes everything a lot easier. :)

Below are some recent pictures taken on 5/29/11.

Mooney Falls - Havasupai - Grand Canyon - Memorial Day Weekend

Backpacking in Grand Canyon - pre-surgery fun!


  1. Congrats on your pre op appointment. It really makes everything feel so real! Do you have a surgery date yet?

  2. Thanks Terra! My surgery date is June 21st - one year exactly after my SARPE.

  3. oh wow thats so soon!! Can't wait to follow your blog as you go through the surgery. I'll be sending you lots of good vibes for a speedy recovery :)

  4. Thanks Terra!! I appreciate that. I will keep the blog regularly updated as I go through the surgery & recovery process.