Wednesday, July 14, 2010

One and done!! 38 turns and RIP to my blender

38 turns

Hiding with wax

Another day, another appt. This morning I had my second post-op with the oral surgeon. He took a look and said that the bone was healing really nicely. "Well done," he says and extends his hand, "See you in six months." So it looks like I am done with my teeth until I see the orthodontist the end of August. In the meantime, I'll be watching this 11mm gap and hoping it starts to close-up. I've seen blogs where the gap closes in 5 weeks and others where it takes months. It'll be interesting to see what my body decides to do with all this new real estate. I'm hoping it starts to close because I really feel like I am Mega Teeth right now.

In other news, I had to say goodbye to an old friend tonight. My blender, always there when I needed her, lost her fight with my smoothie this morning. Mid-blend she couldn't crush my fruit anymore. I decided that my need to blend is not going away any time soon and with pending big double jaw surgery, it was time to stop effing around and go for a major upgrade. I got a Blendtec Total Blender Basic. It even comes with a huge recipe book. I'm pretty pumped. I had no idea I could get this excited for a blender!

On Monday night, I was watching my fave reality show The Bachelorette and saw that Kirk's mom had a mouthful of braces. Soul sister!! Here's what Reality Steve has to say about her:

Something tells me that a family can just sit around watching TV in Wisconsin and just gnaw on sticks of cheese until their heart explodes. I figured that Kirk’s family would stick to kind of the more softer foods since his mother couldn’t possibly have anything hard with that mouthful of metal she had going. Good Lord, don’t they make clear braces in Wisconsin ? She looked like the “Jaws” character from the James Bond movies in the late 70’s. With all the wires and metal running through her mouth, she could probably pick up a few radio stations in California if she was facing the right direction.

I feel you sister, but LOL about not making clear braces in Wisconsin. Fortunately, my OD is hooking me up with those (not to be confused with Invasalign).


  1. Love the shoutout to the Bachelorette and RS. Don't worry I'm sure your braces experience will not be as intense as Kirk's mom. That's great you're getting clear braces!

  2. Hi Heather! I found your blog when I searched for 11mm gap teeth. That's how much I will need to expand to bur I'm really sad. I will only put the expander next month but since my dentist told me that in 15 days it will have expanded the 11mm I'm really suffering right now. I'm 27 years old and I just can't see myself working and talking with this huge gap :-(
    Did people in your work accept this well? Did people look to you and did those weird faces, like "what happened?" or "this looks awful". I'm so scared my boss will fire me because I work at a hospital and I attend a lot of patients, and their all about "good self presentation".
    I am so scared I will feel ugly. And here in Brazil we don't have this wax! I'm so angry I need this thing!