Saturday, July 24, 2010

10 days post expansion!

Long time, no blog. Well, there hasn't been a ton to report since I finished expanding last Wed. The good news is I feel TONS better. I am finally weaned off of the Ibuprofen and my jaw rarely aches. I also have much more energy. I made it through the week without feeling utterly exhausted. I also started getting back to more of my regular activities such as working out and staying out past 9:30 on weekends.

In gap news, the gap is still around 11 mm. I've woken up a few times where my teeth felt tingly, but when I've measured the gap I haven't seen much change. Possibly the gap has closed 1/3 of a millimeter, but I'm not sure if that's just wishful thinking. Here's hoping some closing starts happening soon!

I have been enjoying the new blender a lot! I made hummus, blueberry sorbet, egg salad, chocolate mousse, gazpacho and many smoothies. So happy together!!

In a new addition to my blog, I give you a celebrity who rocks the gap:

Louis Oosthuizen, 2010 Britsh Open winner

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