Tuesday, July 6, 2010

25 turns and a way with wax!

Yesterday was my first day back on solid foods. I still can't eat something really hard, but I did gorge on sushi last night. It was simply divine. I also went and played golf yesterday. It went fine - I just had to be careful not to clench my jaw when making a shot.

This morning I met with the orthodontist. He was impressed by how I covered the gap and said, "You have a way with wax." Indeed.

The ortho wants me to do 8 more turns. I did one tonight, so that's 7 left. w00t w00t. Let's hope I can retire the key.

My jaw is feeling huge to me. We'll see what a couple of extra millimeters do!

I was supposed to meet the oral surgeon on Friday, but he had to reschedule. Now I'm seeing the ortho on Monday and the oral surgeon on Wed. I have questions for the oral surgeon. I wonder what sports can I play now? If you have jaw surgery you're not supposed to play contact sports or sports that involves balls (I know Clueless, there goes you social life, achem), but I need to find out if that's the same for SARPE. I'm in a volleyball league, but I have a feeling that I'm out for the season.


  1. Hey Heather!

    I just came across your blog and I am loving reading it. I had SARPE myself on April 6th and am currently at 3mm of expansion (gap). Your blog is VERY informational. I would love some advice on your Wax Tooth! haha I have already been experimenting with using wax but would love some advice from an obviously pro! :)

  2. Hi Matt! Congrats on starting the process! You're one step closer to that beautiful smile. ;) How many turns have you done and how many more to go? Happy to help on the wax advice! Just let me know where you're getting stuck. :)

  3. As of this morning, I have completed 15 turns. I actually saw the Ortho this afternoon and he said he thinks I have about the same amount of turns left, but I havent been told a concrete number as of yet. At the moment I have about a 3 or 4 mm gap and have been using just a wedge of wax to hide it, but not experimenting with coloring but realize I have to start soon as the dull grey color of the wax is starting to stand out from my white shiny front teeth. haha So... what are your tricks as far as coloring to match your teeth? and did you do something to harden the wax, because mine stays fairly soft and seems like if it gets to be bigger, would be extremly difficult to keep shape and even keep into my mouth. Im super excited you're able to help! (You're smile is looking great by the way! such an awesome improvement!)

  4. Hi Matt!

    1) To help with color, I would buy some white eyeshadow and some physician's formula yellow and then mix it with the wax until it blends reasonably with your teeth. Try to get white shadow that doesn't shimmer or sparkle (if you can).

    2) To keep the wax in your mouth you'll need a lot. By the time I was at 11mm, I used a whole container each day. I would press wax against the back of my four front teeth, plus stick the remainder of the wax to the expander. Pressing the wax against the expander would keep it in place.

    3) To keep the wax from getting too soft, don't eat a lot or drink hot tea or coffee with the wax in. Unfortunately, the wax starts to disssolve with lots of chewing.

    Best of luck as you go through this process!! And thanks for the compliment on my teeth - I am excited by the progress. :)