Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tin grin - week 2

Week 2

Day 2.............................................................Day 9

Well week # 2 in braces has proved not to be too bad. For the most part I forget I'm even wearing braces. They're not that uncomfortable and I can eat most things as long as they're not too chewy or hard. I've embraced my new toothbrush and floss and am brushing my teeth 3-4 times per day.

While post-SARPE I had one large gap, with braces I now have three smaller gaps. The one in between my teeth is about 4 mm. The gap betweem the left two front teeth is 2 mm and the gap between the front right teeth is 1 mm. My measurements aren't that precise since the front teeth are swinging in. In the pics you can see that the right tooth is at a bit of an angle. The power chain is trying to get the right tooth to move, but it's being stubbon. It's got about 3 mm to go.

I continue to use wax to conceal the gaps and it stays in pretty securely since the gaps are smaller. The wire from my braces also keeps it in place. Although I'm keeping myself super busy so I don't focus too much on my mouth, I am counting the days until I am gap free. I am hopeful at this rate, I will see my teeth close in October. I don't want to be a Jack O'Lantern for Halloween!

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