Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lower jaw surgery - consult with the oral surgeon!

3/23/11 - Thought it was time for a head shot!

I met with the oral surgeon for a consultation for the second surgery. He said that our current plan is still in tact and that he'll do surgery on just the lower jaw as well as a genioplasty. Since I'm only having one jaw done, I don't have to stay overnight in the hospital. The jaw surgery will take a total of two hours and can be done on an outpatient basis - similar to my SARPE. So I'm hopeful that this means less of a recovery, but I think even surgery on one jaw is still major. After all, only the lower jaw moves.

The thing that helps keep me in check is that I've already been though one surgery so I feel like I know what to expect as far as the recovery. When I do go in for the pre-op, I do need to find out about the rubber band situation though. Apparently instead of getting wired shut, most oral surgeons keep your jaw closed with a bunch of rubber bands that you use all the time except when you're eating. Should be interesting!!

Next up in my jaw adventure is an adjustment with the orthodontist on May 2nd and probably another meeting with the oral surgeon. Stay tuned. :)

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