Sunday, January 23, 2011

Check in with the oral surgeon!

On Wednesday, I went in and saw my oral surgeon for my six+ month check-in. His office took a few x-rays and some good news came out of the visit. He said that my bone was healing nicely (yay), that I look good (not feeling that yet - too focused on my gappy teeth) and that I may not need a second surgery (really??). When he looked at my mouth, he felt that the teeth were aligning and that it "wasn't as bad" as when he saw me back in May. He left me with the x-rays (which I've posted below) and told me to chat with my orthodontist about possibility changing up our plan.

So, although I should be THRILLED that I could possibly avoid a second surgery, I must say that I don't see how that could be possible. Since I had my SARPE, there have been some improvements - I can breathe through my nose (so wonderful!), my jaw clenching / migraines are gone (so nice to wake out without feeling like someone kicked me in the head during the night) and my smile is wider. I've also been told that I overall look better - more prominent cheekbones, less pointy chin, less prominent nose. So, that's all well and good, but the fact is I still have a crossbite and issues chewing and I'd hate to go through all this, forgo the second surgery and then find out in 10 years that "oops orthodontics didn't fix the problem". I don't think I want to put myself through round three of braces in my 40s.

I will chat with my orthodontist about it, but my thought is let's just get 'er done.

Below are my latest - hot off the presses - photos. The front gap is almost gone, but there is a gap at the top since the right teeth are coming in at an angle. You can see in the x-rays that the roots from the right teeth need still need to move over and straighten up. Also, my gums haven't formed a papilla (i.e. the triangle of gum tissue) to go in between my front teeth yet. Supposedly that happens on its own as the bone heals. If not, there may be some gum work in my future when this is all said and done.

Front 1/23/11

Left side - 1/23/11

Right side - 1/23/11


1/19/11 (the wire at the top of my mouth is my TPA)

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