Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Six weeks post expansion

It's hard to believe that six weeks have already passed since I stopped expanding! On Monday, I went to the orthodontist to get my separators in on my lower teeth in prep for braces. My lower teeth ached a bit the first day, but by the second day they didn't bother me too much. Chewing is a little more difficult with the separtors on the lowers, but not too much has changed food-wise since I'm still on a soft food diet.

When I saw the orthodontist, he said to me, "I hate seeing you with that gap." I think he's as eager as I am to get it closed! It is now at 7.14 mm and has closed 4 mm overall in the past six weeks. The braces go on Monday so hopefully that'll mean that the gap will start closing even more quickly. I have a wedding to go to on the 11th and it would be nice for that gap to be gonzo by then. :)

I found out that while braces go on Monday, I am coming back on Tuesday to get the TPA (trans palatal arch) to replace the expander. Apparently they have to measure it with the braces on before they can have it made.

Below are some pics. My smile today and the progression over the past six weeks. A lot of progress!

6 weeks post expansion

0, 21 days, 42 days post-expansion

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